This workshop on "Theoretical methods for the study of non-equilibrium fluctuations" will take place at the Laboratory of Theoretical Physics of Orsay on June 8th and 9th 2017.

In recent years, we have witnessed an impressive accumulation of fundamental developments in Non-equilibrium Statistical Physics, which have deepened our understanding of fluctuations. We now know how to quantify whether fluctuations are rare or not, what is their information content and their deep link to thermodynamics. On a more applied level, the need to extract relevant information from non-equilibrium fluctuations becomes more and more important in a variety of fields, as different as Nanotechnology, Computer Science or Biology.

We would like this workshop to contribute to reduce the gap between the fundamental developments and their applications. For this reason, we have invited three experts in this field to make as clear and pedagogical presentations as possible, in the form of a set of lectures. These lectures should be accessible to a broad audience and for this reason, we plan to have them videotaped and put online. There will be no oral or poster presentations from participants other than the speakers, but we plan to leave ample time for discussions.

The event is completely free of charges, including registration and meals. However, registration is compulsory to participate.

Organizing Committee:

David Lacoste (Gulliver, ESPCI)
Gatien Verley (LPT, Univ. Paris-Sud)