• High-energy physics
  • Particle physics
  • Theory/experiment interface
  • Popularisation of science

More from two short videos (in French)
  • An episode from the series Paris seen by… (produced by Universcience, realised by S. Alloneau)
    • A lecture extract from Rencontres de physique de l'infiniment grand à l'infiniment petit (Orsay, 2014)
    • CV on the go

      • Since 2014
      Director of the Theoretical Physics Laboratory (LPT Orsay)
      • Since 2013
      CNRS senior researcher (DR2) at LPT (Orsay)
      • 2006-2013
      CNRS junior researcher (CR1) at LPT (Orsay)
      • 2011
      Habilitation to supervise research (Univ. Paris-Sud, Orsay)
      • 2002-06
      CNRS junior researcher (CR2) at LPT (Orsay)
      • 2000-02
      Research Fellow at the Dpt of Physics & Astronomy,University of Southampton (UK)
      • 1997-00
      PhD at IPN (Orsay, CNRS/IN2P3/Univ. Paris-Sud)
      • 1996-97
      M2 in Theoretical Physics (ENS Paris)
      • 1993-96
      Ingénieur studies at Ecole Polytechnique (Palaiseau)

      A few more details...

      • In case you wonder, my name sounds more or less like day-cott-je(r)-non(g)
      • I am married.
      • When I am not doing physics, I read English and French literature, I swim and experiment visual arts