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Agenda > Séminaires / Seminars > Jeunes Dernier ajout : vendredi 3 octobre 2014.

SINJE : Séminaire INformel des JEunes 2008-2009

-  Mercredi 24 juin à 11h, salle 114

Heng-Tong Ding and Anthony Francis (Bielefeld University) : Chosen aspects of QCD on the lattice

-  Jeudi 11 juin à 11h, salle 114

Alexandre Giraud (APC) : Dynamics of fermions during preheating after inflation

-  Mercredi 3 juin à 11h, salle 114

Charles Bouchart (LPT) : Introduction to particle physics in Randall-Sundrum models

-  Vendredi 28 mai à 11h, salle 114

Sofiane Faci (APC, Université Paris 7) : Conformal quantization of the massless spin 1 on de Sitter space

We quantize the Maxwell (``massless spin one") de Sitter field in a conformally invariant gauge. This quantization is invariant under the SO$_0(2,4)$ group and consequently under the de Sitter group. We obtain a new de Sitter-invariant two-point function which is very simple. Our method relies on the one hand, on a geometrical point of view which uses the realization of Minkowski, de Sitter and anti- de Sitter spaces as intersections of the null cone in $\setR^6$ and a moving plane, and on the other hand, on a canonical quantization scheme of the Gupta-Bleuler type.

-  Mardi 26 mai à 14h, salle 114

Jean-Emile Bourgine (Ipht, CEA) : Matrix Models and 2D Gravity : The O(n) model example

I will start with a brief review of conformal field theories (CFT) that show up in the continuum description of lattice statistical models. Then I will introduce the matrix model techniques on the special case of the O(n) model. I will explain how the matrix model can generate random lattices and how appears the coupling of the CFT to 2D gravity in the continuum limit. This will lead us to the famous KPZ relation between conformal dimension of the CFT operators and gravitational dimensions.

-  Mercredi 22 mai à 11h, salle 114

Raphaël Benichou (LPTENS) : Sigma-models on supergroup manifolds

-  Mardi 12 mai à 11h, salle 114

Benoît Vicedo (Ipht, CEA) : Integrability in non-linear sigma-models

-  Mercredi 6 mai à 11h, salle 114

Charalampos Bogdanos (LPT) : Brane-Worlds : Pre-Randall-Sundrum scenarios

-  Mercredi 29 avril à 11h, salle 114

Claire Picq (APC) : Neutrinos III : Antares

-  Mercredi 22 avril à 11h, salle 114

Rachel Queval (CEA) & Memphino, Michela Marafini (APC) : Neutrinos II : Double-Chooz